Perhaps you too, like me once upon a time, have woken up many mornings with the weight of monotony on you that seems to take away the desire to start the day. It is as if each day merges into the next, with no tangible, real change. You find yourself doing the same things, day after day, maybe even the same 'mistakes' and chain of thoughts, wondering how it is possible that life is all here.

Perhaps, just like me, you feel like you are navigating in a sea of uncertainty, without a compass to guide you. The daily responsibilities are becoming too much, and despite all the effort you put in, you can't seem to change anything. And those negative thoughts... oh, how persistent they can be! Like a mist that surrounds your every move, making it difficult to see beyond the present situation. You feel frustrated, dissatisfied, disappointed. Like something is missing, but you still can't put your finger on exactly what it is.

Yet it has also become a familiar place, this sense of bewilderment and dissatisfaction. But I know it's not a place you want to stay.

Even if you feel stuck, trapped in this maze of negative emotions and uncertainties, with no clear way out.
I know there is a flame inside you that has been burning, since ever, a desire for more, for different, for better....


I know that your deepest desire is to gain inner clarity, a deeper awareness of you and your life, a new light on what it is in your power to be, to do and to have.

You aspire to unlock those possibilities within you that you know are real, to find the right path that will lead you towards the fulfilment of what you desire and to establish a deep connection with someone or something that gives you confidence, momentum and meaning.

You want to align your every choice, your every action, with who you really are, with that authentic and genuine part that defines you. You want to live authentically, experiencing true and deep joy, and feel that what you do not only has meaning and effectiveness, but increases your personal fulfilment. Not tomorrow, not who knows when, but already now.

What if it were also possible for you to wake up every morning with an inner contentment and clarity that guides you through the day, stress-free, confident that you can always find a more serene and peaceful way of dealing with daily challenges.

If it were possible for you to wake up with a sense of gratitude and optimism, noticing the small pleasures in life and recognising the infinite possibilities that lie before you.

If it were possible to experience a tangible improvement in your interpersonal relationships, developing greater empathy and understanding for others and building deeper and more meaningful bonds.

Imagine, also, that you can access wisdom and insights beyond your rational understanding, feeling a deep connection with that inner voice that suggests the way forward.

You discover a new inner energy that gives you the drive to pursue your goals with determination and confidence, overcoming obstacles with grit and resilience. These are just some of the benefits you can experience as you begin your journey towards a rediscovery of a new (the true) You.

Live with greater awareness of the present moment, letting go of the past and not worrying about the future, focusing your attention on what you can bedo and have now to make your life fuller and more fulfilling.

Start Living the True Essence of Life through a Multidimensional Perspective on Your Well-Being.

A Message For You...

I firmly believe that the moment you finally become fully familiar with your energy, you have the ability to profoundly transform your life.

It is my pleasure to share my experience in effectively releasing physical and emotional stress, to regain a sense of fullness amidst your daily responsibilities, and to finally enjoy a vibrant, fulfilling life that is now yours.

I will be your ally in a transformative journey that brings renewed joy into your life, harmonising what in your mind and heart needs to find balance and meaning. All the while remaining deeply connected to the practical aspects of your personal and relational daily life... so that both of you can experience renewed momentum.



You have immediate access to various resources that I make available to you for the different moments of your journey towards newfound serenity.

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"After only two weeks of working with Elys, there have been significant changes in my mindset and daily routine. Effortlessly, with immense satisfaction and inner joy. I finally feel fulfilled even in the small everyday things and that makes all the difference!"


"Elys is a great person to work with! Whenever we talk I always feel relieved and she is always very validating, full of compliments and support... and sometimes we don't have enough of that in our world."



Intuitive empath | Life Coach | NLP MP | Reiki MP

Since always passionate about human and spiritual growth, Elys discovered her intuitive, psychic and empathic nature at an early age.

In her international education she was able to enrich herself by studying and practising a variety of disciplines in multiple areas, from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Life Coaching, from Christian theological studies to traditional Reiki.

Thanks to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, she was finally able to overcome a long period of crisis, describing them as "the keystone" in the way she thinks about and creates her life.

As an Energy Coach, her method combines science-based transformative practices with others centred on energy and spirituality, and for over 20 years she has dedicated herself to facilitating new levels of personal and relational wellbeing, working with people all over the world, both in person and online.

He is currently working on a podcast through which he will share the teachings of Abraham-Hicks making them accessible in Italian.

I am deeply committed to promoting a culture of complete inclusion and unconditional mutual respect.

Drawing from my own intersectional experiences, I fully understand that true individual growth thrives when every culture, ethnicity, ability, gender and sexual orientation has the freedom to authentically express itself.

I firmly believe in the power of alliance and recognise that the rights of all minorities are, in their fullness, fundamental human rights. People from all backgrounds and walks of life are valued and welcomed here with open arms.